Saturday, January 10, 2009


Hello and Happy New Year!

Looks like I need to dust this blog off a little bit. I am taking a break from both of my blogs (man, we have really neglected this poor food blog). I have still been researching and I came across this post about peeling a wide range of veggies/fruits.

It is always nice to find out tricks to save time and make the process all the more fun. I remember how much I used to hate chopping garlic years ago. Before I learned to give the garlic a good thump with the side of a knife and my palm, I would cut the top of the garlic and then peel the papery coat off, all the while my fingers getting sticker with garlic juice and my patience running thin. I even bought a jar of the minced garlic in a jar, but I didn't get through it fast enough and it just wasn't like fresh garlic. So needless to say I was so happy to learn the EASY way.

And this method of doing ginger was a new one for me.

I hope you find some of the tips helpful.


sheree said...

what?! you don't like going to bed with garlic fingers after trying like mad to peel those suckers! :) good tip; i'll have to try it as garlic is a main staple in most of my meals!

Kelly Medina said...

Hah, once you get garlic juice sticky it gets pretty crazy. Definitely try it you will never go back to the painful peeling method :)

Man, this poor blog is so dusty. Thanks for stopping by :)